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Keshav Mishra

CSLearners is an online teaching platform created by Keshav Mishra, a self-taught Computer Science Courses with 15 years of experience. The vision of the online course on this website was inspired by Keshav’s own journey learning Computer Science on the internet. All our courses are designed with students in mind. Just like you now, once Keshav was a beginner and needed to start somewhere, he totally understands how hard it is to find the right way to learn CS, the internet is full of video tutorials that can make you overwhelmed easily, for him it took a lot of time and research to get on the truck. Now 15 years later, he has gone through it all and he knows what exactly a newbie needs to start, not just start! To start and work as a computer professional. For that, he has built his courses in a way that will take a beginner to an advanced level step by step. All our courses are designed with intermediate and advanced level CS Learners in mind too, the courses are usually divided into basic and advanced parts.
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